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College-wide Funds

UIC Business Innovation Fund
This fund enhances opportunities for intellectual challenge and leadership by fostering a community of academic excellence. This is an unrestricted fund used for a variety of CBA projects as determined by the Dean.
CBA Dean's Fund for Excellence
The CBA Dean's Fund for Excellence is used to support a wide variety of college activities that make a CBA education an excellent one.
UIC Global Business Scholars Fund
This fund supports scholarship aid to a full-time undergraduate student who studies and is wholly or substantially engaged in hands-on field research outside of North America

Departmental Funds

The accounting department is committed to quality in educational programming, research pursuits and community service. Your gift helps us meet that mission.
- Deloitte Foundation Accounting Scholarship
This fund was created to help accounting students reach their academic and professional goals.
- UIC Deloitte Term Professorship Fund
Deloitte has partnered with us to commit to faculty recruitment and research as an integral component of the department. We feature an academically respected and professionally qualified faculty who actively produce and support basic and applied research.
Finance $
Your gift enables us to be a leader in the areas of the financial services industry that are centered in Chicago. This is accomplished by research-oriented faculty emphasizing the most innovative and fastest developing areas of finance, including risk management, insurance, derivatives, real estate, banking and global financial markets.
Information & Decision Sciences $
Your gift helps to train future CIOs, project managers, and technology leaders. Some of the leading-edge tracks in the program are Business Intelligence Analysis, Health Care and IT, Corporate IT Management, and Business Continuity, Security, and Compliance Risk Planning.
Managerial Studies
Your gift helps ensure that our curriculum provides a solid base in management, marketing, and entrepreneurship along with a business core that includes finance, accounting, business communications, and information sciences. We emphasize knowledge in new product development, organizational behavior and human resource management, and business and social entrepreneurship.
Management $
Marketing $
Entrepreneurial Studies $
Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development (iLEAD) $

Business Alumni Association

UIC Business Alumni Association Fund
This fund supports the activities of the Business Alumni Association. The BAA hosts multiple events each year that build and strengthen relationships among alumni, service the UIC community at large, and support the career growth of recent graduates. The BAA's goal is to keep alumni engaged with the present and future goals of the College of Business Administration while supporting the personal and professional growth of alumni.
UIC Business Alumni Association Scholarship
This fund provides an annual scholarship to a CBA student.
Total $

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